Benefits Specialist- HR

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Job Summary:  This position provides administration and education of the employment benefits for Gateway and Neil Kennedy Recovery Clinic employees.


Supervises:  This position does not supervise the work of others.


Supervision Received: This position receives frequent supervision and infrequent instruction.


Essential Functions:


  1. Provides information on benefits to new hires, current employees, and terminated employees.
  2. Processes, assists in completion, and ensures accuracy of enrollment processes.
  3. Processes changes and reconciles vendor benefit invoices.
  4. Responds to staff questions and resolves problems related to benefits.
  5. Processes and determines eligibility according to policy for paid time off accruals for employees.
  6. Determines eligibility for 401(k) plan according to policy and administers plan benefits.
  7. Administers COBRA benefits.
  8. Processes Family/Medical Leave paperwork and disability insurance forms and payment.
  9. Completes Workers Compensation paperwork, schedules necessary medical treatment, and follows up with Workers Compensation insurance carrier and supervisor, when appropriate.
  10. Prepares and maintains Paid Time Off benefits accrual reports.
  11. Maintains records/spreadsheets as related to employment benefits.
  12. Assists in budget and audit processes as related to employment benefits.
  13. Prepares and posts required OSHA reports.
  14. Generates reports on benefits as necessary.
  15. Participates as a member of the Health & Safety Committee as assigned.
  16. Attends appropriate trainings for current legal information as related to benefits administration.
  17. Consults with benefit vendors as necessary.


Additional Duties:


  1. Attends mandatory GRC in-services and training.


Environmental, Physical and Mental Demands:


  1. Minimal physical demands.
  2. Favorable working conditions.
  3. Significant mental demands due to importance of attention to detail and knowledge of

administration of benefits, legally and organizationally.

Qualifying Education, Experience and Skill Requirements:


  1. Bachelors degree preferred.
  2. Experience in HR or employee benefits required.
  3. Exceptional organizational skills and excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  4. Working knowledge of Excel and WORD.


Other Requirements/Information:


  1. Consequences of errors are potentially serious and costly.
  2. Nature of work demands sensitivity and respect for confidentiality.


While this job description is intended to be an accurate reflection of the job requirements,

management reserves the right to modify, add or remove duties from particular jobs and to

assign other duties as necessary.


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